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“Eternity” by Hope



Darkness, my companion and trusted friend

Time, my enemy and devoted foe

Death, my new found pal

I look for all 3 at certain times

I need to know that I’m not alone

Even in my own despair


Darkness gives me comfort in solitude

Time lets me know that I’m mortal

Death lets me know that someone wants me

Silence trys to be by my side

I will open my arms to this one

I know that silence is golden and misunderstood

I still look for one more

Trouble, where for art thou

I know you are there my impish pet

Please don’t be shy at all

I welcome you like the others

For without you my life isn’t complete

I know you are here, I can feel you

Come out when you are ready, I understand

Sleep is another that comes and goes

Sleep likes to play tricks on me

Sleep, I do know what you are about

I wish and pray that I can be with you always

We should unite and be together

Then we will be one in