“The Girl and the Orca” by Chelsea McKenna

had overwhelmed the sky
in steady waves.
The world
freshly smeared paint
done by ancient hands.
Water cradled by the air
like a snow globe
without the trappings.
An absolute silence
so warm
a pleasant comfort.
The girl and the orca
floating along the path
over the cobblestones.
The girl stroking the back
of the whale
that so many call killer.
Her guide
in this world
that is not quite a world.
The girl who can not see
but she knows
of course she must.
If this is a dream
she must think
do not ever wake up.




Chelsea McKenna is relatively new to the world of serious writing. While she has always had a passion for literature, it was not until recently that she began writing with more intent. This may seem a bit odd for a writer, but Chelsea’s never done normal very well.