“Breakfast With the Soothsayer” by Ayaz Daryl Nielsen

and she
“this day will be cold,
cold as a once-revered saber buried
within a forgotten battlefield’s debris,
a saber capable of transmuting ill-will
and evil intent into an intrinsic realization
of the sacredness within all existence…
and this saber…” pausing, she grasps
my arm… “it can, it must be found, found and
wielded by hero and heroine, working together,
as one… and you and I” she states firmly,
squeezing my arm “it’s up to us… it’s us”
the steaming coffeecup
halfway to my lips, suspended
in the silent, fertile morning light…




Ayaz Daryl Nielsen was born in Nebraska, attended schools in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Mexico, has lived in Germany, and now lives in Colorado with his beloved wife Judith. A veteran, former hospice nurse, and ex-roughneck, he has been editor of Bear Creek Haiku for 25+ years. (bearcreekhaiku.blogspot.com)