Website Updates in Progress…

There are currently some glitches and problems here on The Poet’s Haven website. We will be installing and applying some (long overdue) updates in the next few days that will hopefully correct everything. Please bear with us.

UPDATE: Almost everything works now.  Like any update, we still had a plethora of issues that arose, even after months of working on the CSS on our test site.  There’s still a few things that need fixed, but we’re working on them.

There’s still a lot to do for the second part of this update.  The Boutique store will be getting merged into the main site, so it all blends together.  That’s going to take a long while to complete, however, so for now the links still point to the classic OpenCart store we’ve been using since the last site update.

One thing I haven’t made a big deal of before: this update became necessary as the version of WordPress running the site previously would no longer let me add content to the site.  A security update did something last fall which crashed the add post forms, which was the final straw that led to me closing the submission forms.  I was able to post the few blog entries by manually inserting them into the PHP database, but that is not a way to add poems and stories.  Updating all the software became necessary before we can start working through the submission backlog.

Switching the store over is going to be my background project for a bit.  I’d like to focus on adding some new content to the galleries first, now that I’ve got regular posting abilities working again, before I get busy with the spring and summer book releases and sales.  Speaking of, there’s also two new books almost ready to print.

I’d also like to remind everyone that the submission deadline for the next Digest (which will feature video-game poems) is April 6th.  The next submission call for Author Series manuscripts is scheduled to open on May 1st and will be open until June 30th.  While I am still reading through last year’s manuscript submissions (something else this website update kept me from working on), I felt it best to announce when the call will be open this year before the Digest call closes.  (There won’t be any open calls between April 7th and 30th, since the website calls are still closed.)