“Alleys” by d.w. moody



that bend and wind
like rivers
spiraling off as tributaries that hide behind
the streets of the city


around the dilapidated apartment complex
where we live


like tunnels carved through the hidden spaces
of the bursting boiling festering city


whose traffic flows by raucously

and where people shout in angry bursts


the alleys branch out


our secret passages
that we take
to school
the store
to our friend’s house


the alleys


with old furniture falling apart
graffitied trash cans

left-behind tires

and broken glass
from parties sadly ended
reminders of lives left behind
where stray cats prowl
searching for food and shelter
mewling afraid in the darkness
under skies that pour
oceans of pain


in alleys we wander







d.w. moody grew up between California and the Midwest.  He has lived on the streets, hitchhiked around the country, and held a variety of jobs in Kansas and Southern California until settling into life as a librarian.  His poems have appeared in Shemom, The Avalon Literary Review, and Foliate Oak Literary Magazine.