“Fire: An Assay” by Miki Byrne

Lion of elements. Prowling beast.

Wild in voracious conflagration.

Earth-eating. Consuming.

Licking lascivious tongues.

Tasting all, leaving little.

Leaping in spontaneous combustion,

a fearsome phenomena of urban myth,

creepy forensic investigation.

Tamed you are enslaved, used

like all who have been captured.

Caged. Hemmed in, held by brick mouths,

boiler boxes, tooth-like campfire stones.

Blue robed in gas-flamed neat choreography

to do our bidding. Resentfully you comply.

Contemptuous of our need for warmth,

food, light. Your escape brings chaos.

screaming call to arms as you destroy

in a heartbeat, full of vengeful frenzy.

Chameleon character. Ever morphing.

From a volcanoes spew of ignition,

to a kindly candle-glow.








Miki Byrne has written three poetry collections, had work included in over 160 poetry magazines and anthologies, and won a few poetry competitions. She has read on both radio and TV, judged poetry competitions, and was a finalist for Poet Laureate of Gloucestershire. Miki is disabled and lives near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK.