“The Life Lost in Living” by Robert O. Adair

Where is the life lost in living?
Lost in the tyranny of the urgent,
lost in the busyness
of being busy,
being over scheduled
and pulled in too many directions.


Where is knowledge
lost in information?
Lost in gathering facts,
fact after fact,
hither and yon
but not gathered,
garnered into a whole.


Where is the Wisdom
lost in knowledge?
What it’s all about
when you sort it out.
Were is the calm reflection,
the meditation pursued in quiet
away from the frantic pace
and clamor of the throng?


Where are the wise ones
full of years and experience?
Seek wisdom!
Seek knowledge!
In all your getting,
get understanding.
Understand not to believe
but believe in order to understand!






Robert O. Adair has spent over 50 years teaching, writing and reflecting on life. He has a doctor’s degree in Philosophy and a doctorate in Literature. He is a lifetime member of Mensa and has traveled to over 40 foreign countries.