“Side By Side” by John Feaster

She never wanted them to die.
To not have them in her life,
to not have them in every
moment of every damn day
she felt the pain—
her cigarette flared bright,
and she thought, “Loneliness
is of the night, something souls
should never have to endure:
eternity, beneath the ground,
black and cold.”

She sat up against her pillow
and tipped a white finger;
ashes piled high in the little tray,
and as she looked at the soldier
on her wall—
she lit another, and lay them
side by side in the ashes,
glowing warm, in the cool dark.







John Feaster was born at the doorstep of our nation’s capital, but hopes none of that rubbed off on him. A dangerous romantic, he wants all the action and adventure of a poetic life. He knows how crazy that sounds, but with magic, love, and dogs on his side: how can he fail? John holds a B.A. in Philosophy and an MBA in Business.