“Pacific Vignette” by Steven Anthony George

Wading into the oyster shell theater

I envisioned a ripple

of Aphrodite

water black


floating to the top

Am I a Nereid?

I was illumed

on the pearlescence

I reached out for the sand


but I was dragged away

by the evening riptide

convulsing in sound waves

I could not resist,

resonating in the clouds

wrapped in the blissful mystery

you should be smooth

you should be gentle

but by god, you have cut me










Steven Anthony George resides in Fairmont, West Virginia. His work has appeared in Houston & Nomadic Voices, Apollo’s Lyre, Short-story.me, and Eclectic Flash. Steven is active in the autism community and often speaks publicly on the topic of autism.  He is online at facebook.com/sageorge.dyingofpoetry.