“Smoky Quartz” by Steven Anthony George


gauzy dresses

tower at the turbulent sea

liquid silver pooled in an oyster shell

frozen splendor

in never-changing earth

smoldering, rising

like fan coral


still air honing an edge

to the thinnest layer of ice

to an imperfect mirror

a monument to god’s work

as endless in depth as a soul

clear as icicles

and smooth as ancient writing


beauty enslaved to the voyeur

violent throes of passion stilled

like screaming angel wings trapped in glass

like a Picasso, showing all sides at once

like a time-keeper itself


not wise nor magical as a Merlin

but deadly as an adder

beckoning like a siren

toward a window to nowhere


this tobacco-stained cathedral

like two galaxies colliding

utterly ignores me

It whispers,

“You can come no closer.

I resist you.”









Steven Anthony George resides in Fairmont, West Virginia. His work has appeared in Houston & Nomadic Voices, Apollo’s Lyre, Short-story.me, and Eclectic Flash. Steven is active in the autism community and often speaks publicly on the topic of autism.  He is online at facebook.com/sageorge.dyingofpoetry.