“Bright Blue” by Nicholas Guadiana

I see a bright flash of blue light, and with it a puff of spirit gasped out. The luminescent gas wafts its way into my pores; my whole body begins to exude an aroma akin to a frostbitten mint. From the fluid being's copulation, a cool liquid begins collecting and dripping off my body, it layers me in a coat of bright, shimmering blue. In a matter of instants, amorphous droplets fuse together at my feet and - as if by some magnetic force- a maiden's shape begins to form.

While the drops bond through their puzzling waltz, I examine the rough sketch of the maiden. Her form is so fragile and petite, yet she exhibits some grandeur in how her limbs would most likely contour themselves. Her gown is being woven by an icicle; hemming on the bottom and a simple heart above her left breast compose the aqueous ensemble. I ponder her physique, and begin to notice a shift in the form, her hips narrow and what once were tender breasts had morphed into a muscular chest and torso. Having focused so much on the entities shape, I had disregarded the possibility of a face, and before I could check, an elegant whisper dances into my ear, "Hello Kinsey, my name is Basil and I have come to rejuvenate."

I look up and there is indeed a face.

"How is it you know me... rejuvenate what?"

"I know that I must assuage everything Kinsey; I know this from my excursion within you."

"Exactly how do you know my name?" I stutter.

"Hahehehe!" Basil laughed jovially, "I just said I was in you, I know all your qualms, let alone you name."

"What exactly are you?"

"I am an angel, sent by God to help the people." Basil says with a boyish grin.

"You can't help me; I can only wallow in my own horrid nature, and slowly rot to a shriveled whisper of a thought." I speak these words with the utmost honesty.

"I'm certain I will be helpful." Basil enunciates.

I look onto Basil and feel secure; I let my defenses down and embrace him. As I touch him, he leans in to kiss me. As he kisses me, I can feel a chill growing from his liquid lips; I escape his tenderness and examine him; the center of his body was freezing to ice, and yet he maintained all of the limberness and flexibility of his former state.

"Let's begin", Basil says with the cockiness of an adolescent.

"Well, what issues do you think are important?" I murmur

"All of them!" Basil retorts, "Let's begin with your stupidity."

"Well, I would say I perform well in school." I reply meekly

"But nothing resonates within you, you are an idiot because whatever remains in your mind is useless your thoughts are worth nothing; this brings us to the second issue, you feel as if you are useless." Basil vindicates.

"I'm sorry but, I don't feel improvement." I quickly reproach

"Nonsense! Things will be getting better in mere moments." Basil zealously remarks.

"Now, where was I? Ah yes, you are in fact useless, you serve no purpose. Wait, I should say that you do have a purpose, and that is to endanger others with your idiocy." Basil reports with a smile.

"These thoughts make me feel horrible! Nothing is improving!" I vehemently remark.

"Just allow me to help." Basil whispers in my ear.

Now, Basil takes me in his arms, I try to escape but everything around me blurs and before I know it, he is kissing me again. Just as I am about to reassemble myself, he turns to water and begins flowing into me like a torrent. I feel his detrimental thoughts echoing through my mind and as those thoughts consume me, he begins drowning me with his body. I choke and attempt to gag, but nothing works. I hear his thoughts. I feel him inside of me.

I lay here, my mind is racing and I can't help but to try and resist his thoughts; "I have to live, it's human nature", I think to myself while trying to thrash the demon out of me.

"Don't disgrace mankind by comparing you, to them", Basil states regally.

With that final retort, I begin to accept the water and its crashing about my throat. I allow myself to unwaveringly accept my fallacies and drown in them.

"There! Now society will be much improved without such a hindrance; things have gotten better."