“The Right Stuff” by Karen D. Taylor

From the author:
A short note about "The Right Stuff": Comedian George Carlin is notorious for his version of "Stuff" as part of his comedy routine... but by no means is this stuff any of his stuff. This here is my stuff...

I've got plenty of stuff. I've got big stuff and little stuff... stuff to set stuff on and stuff to keep stuff in. There's woolly stuff and fluffy stuff... cool stuff and dull stuff... sparkly stuff and even some stuffed stuff. There's smart stuff... which can do some real neat stuff... if you talk to it nice. And then there's dumb stuff. It doesn't do much of anything... but sit there and act like stuff. Which is what most stuff does anyway... most of the time... when you're not there. Then there's the low-to-the-ground stuff... and the high-up-off-the-ground stuff. The high-up stuff I can never really get to... so I just leave it alone. Less stuff to worry about.

Sometimes people come around and look at the stuff. It gives them something to do I guess... while I'm busy with other stuff. Sometimes people will say, "Hey, where'd you get this stuff?" or "You know, you need more stuff." I used to think so too. I used to think how happy I'd be if only I had some more stuff.

When I was a little kid... I used to think too... that while I was sleeping... my stuff would come to life. And that the stuff on the shelves and the stuff in the closets would get together and do secret stuff... or maybe just have a party. I never knew this for sure, but I always suspected it... even though I could never catch the stuff at it.

And have you ever noticed how you can never go anyplace for very long? Because... well... what are you gonna do about the stuff? You can't just leave the stuff alone. And if you asked somebody to watch the stuff for you... they could for a while... but you gotta understand... so now who's watching THEIR stuff? It's a vicious cycle.

Then one day... I was waiting at a bus stop... watching all the people running around trying to figure out how to get stuff. Some people where trading stuff they didn't want for stuff they did want. Others were just plain giving stuff away. Then there were the ones shoving other people out of the way so as to get at the best stuff first. And then too... there were always a few who mostly just wanted somebody else's stuff. I guess that's how wars get started.

I got to thinking... "GEEZ... what's all this STUFF about anyway?"

Well... it's like when you open up stuff... and look inside. There's stuff inside most any kind of stuff. People are like that too. You look inside them... and WOW... there's stuff in there! GREAT stuff! If you ever felt like paying attention to that stuff... you'd notice it... peeking out at you from behind somebody's eyes. Now there's the REAL stuff! It's the only stuff you really need to get by on. So... to get the really GOOD stuff... you could set aside all the other stuff... and make some friends I guess... just by letting people look at your stuff. They'd probably even let you look at theirs. And that just makes me think, 'You can never really have enough... of the right stuff."