“And the Earth Will Fall” by Zach Fechter

An endless vision of

Spayed statues

Frozen across dunes

In perpetual scream


A dark dream:

Let the earth fall again

And again

The back of my hand flat upon my face



Turn your head

And a pyramid above the city

And the movement in front of it

And yet the pyramid does not move

Yet the pyramid does not move


What is it like to cover your face with your arm

And have your hair blow about

As the world ends behind you?


What is it like to be white and thin

And stumbling along the blinding desert



The red sun splashes across my pockmarks

And rests in them

My eyes are blue like never before

I feel my hands run over cool piano keys

And soft flowers


Is this pleasure?


Run to me boy

Let me see your blonde hair and wide smile

Run to me in the whipping wind


My fingers twitch as I gaze at the stars

And I sigh a sad sigh

With water in my eyes


What does it mean when the sky

Is orange in the night?

What does it mean when the air

Is wet with haze and coolness?

What do I think when the mist descends

Amongst us men?


What will we think

When the earth falls again

And again in the night?