“Bully” by Thom Amundsen

I don't like you
You scare me
When you look happy
I feel threatened
I don't care about you
Just give me attention
When I hate you
People think I am happy
You understand right?
When I slap you it matters
You're my investment
I have to hurt you...

So I, uh, well I'm not ready
I won't apologize
For living this way
Not caring about you
I mean
I don't know how to
Any more
Than you know how to
Prevent me from
Treating you like a
Dis me
And I will slap you...

People watching
Need to know
I won't back down
Until you are crying
Until you recognize
The lies that you believe
Are simply the
The why
The lie is why
I want to feel strong
People like me
People choose me
I'm a safe bet

I'm an American boy