“The End” by Candice Weaver

Gently gliding along the surface of the green-blue giant,
I become pleased by the camaraderie we have achieved
With one another.
He soothes the heat from the sun as I conquer the
Roller-coaster ride of champions.
Unexpected, like a knife wound from a relative, the harmonious
Gathering shifts gears.
I'm submerged into the Majesty of Moisture
Without an opportunity to register the betrayal,
Or a chance to inhale a hope of continuing the previous
Moment of peace.
The fear in me is etched out by reality.
Air in my lungs replaced with the liquid of a salty grave.
My body fights against his force,
Unwilling to appreciate the tango of tides moving it about
Every which way, aware of it's useless longing.
My capsule slowly discontinues the search for the dry substance
Nowhere to be found.
The warmth from sol is the last reminder that we may still belong to this world.