“Muse – The Departure” by Lori Ulrich

He used to flirt with me
outside my bedroom window
remove his top hat,
bow low,
shake his red-haired leaves unabashed
let them spread across wet earth,
a blanket of color, tones of reds, rusts, oranges,
his fiery brilliance
quilting the ground

I used to rush out to him, bare footed,
dance in his tousle of leaves,
skip across browned grasses
throw myself down in the petticoats of color
stare at the night skies
count the stars
reach up with my arms
embrace my Muse

He used to frost my windows
with his icy fresh breath,
powder my walking path, icing sugar snow
And I
I didn't want to put my shoes on

I didn't want to play in the cold, lay with him,
make snow angels

Saddened, my Muse pulled on his wintery cloak, turned,
cast his top hat downwards, and walked away.
His footsteps disappeared
in a blizzard of words,
As they flew off my pages,
unsure of how to please me.