“A Phantom Greeting” by Ted Aronis

Had we met years ago
Who's to say where our lives would go
but for lack of a chance meeting
we never had the opportunity to know

But, coffee conversations and morning hellos
leave me wondering about time and its flows
but for the lack of a chance meeting
the ebbs and flow of time so fleeting

If time were not linear and loop back on itself
who knows if the same track would rewind
who knows what would’ve come had we met
some years ago, in some other time

not that we are dissatisfied with our lives as they stand
an opportunity for wondering shows itself at hand
why not craft a fiction and some pretend land
a timeless fantasy, harmless, in awe we stand

But, I'll settle for your friendship and wonder
wonder about what could have been
but for the lack of that chance meeting
Dreams and musing of that phantom greeting