“I Died Earlier Tonight” by Jeff S. Stinson

I died earlier tonight
I breathed my last
And threw myself in front of a car –
Driving down the narrow street
This is the street where I used to live


Liquid crimson melts into the black asphalt
The blood warms the cold pavement
My skin and bones are torn to pieces
Like a complete jigsaw puzzle –
Thrown in the air and landing on concrete

Memories of me are splattered everywhere
Others will forget, even if it takes awhile
My parents will be lied to –
The witnesses will be Pinocchio
"It wasn't suicide," they will say
"It was a terrible accident," "The driver couldn't stop in time"

I've been waiting for 5 months
Waiting for this

I want to be with him
He died on this spot too
Right here where I was last standing
The stain of him hasn’t disappeared

He is here
I wrap him closely in my arms
He is alive
We are together and the living are now invisible

for Lycan, d.11-3-2012