SUPER SPECIAL on Poet’s Haven Chapbooks!

So, if you’re one of the many folks who read The Poet’s Haven’s online galleries but haven’t yet purchased any of our Author Series chapbooks, do I have an offer for you!  Right now, and only for a limited time, you can get all 8 books published by The Poet’s Haven for just $32 with FREE SHIPPING.  That’s 20% off the cover price, plus FREE SHIPPING.  Plus, the next FOUR people to take advantage of this awesome offer will get a FREE BONUS ITEM!  Don’t miss out!

Why are we doing this?  We need to raise some cash, fast, to cover some upcoming publishing projects and prepare for more big poetry events, working to expand modern poetry’s audience.  Plus, Vertigo’s got a bunch of (poetry related) car and dental bills that need paid ASAP, so his own finances are tied up at the moment.  🙂