“semi-synTheTic OpiaTes” by Kevin Mallaly

I waTch you like a LoTTery Win
I wash you wiTh LoVe first to get the Jolly Green Colour off of you
Your a whiTe angel now
ready to be desTroyed wiTh my birThs silVer spoon
I crush you like my enemy
no mercy
Now i grab the Harpoon
My Syringe sucks you up like a happy Child
Gay and LighT
My Brow bleeds wiThdrawal
my sweaT kisses the Volcano
the bubbling sluT
always ready to go
I Cool you under my Tap
my hand slighTly shakes
you are cool now....ready
I grab the pyThon he raps himself wiTh LoVe around my sTump
I Look for my Vein
DeaThs TribuTary
I find him again
hurT and angry
I donT care
I scar him again
I waTch you enTer like a child on the alTar
The blade above me
I shoot you in on full auTo