Website Re-construction Updates

Work is progressing on rebuilding this website.  There’s still a few cosmetic glitches to be worked out (the footer not being centered, the “Recent Posts” widget layout, those little grey corners around the navigation menu…), but overall, the site is finally starting to look the way I want.  Now I must get to work transferring the pages from the old site.  I’m more than half-way through transferring the Art Gallery (due to the file uploads, Art Gallery pages must be created one at a time rather than through a mass SQL import).  The eBook Downloads section has also been completed (with the eBook release of “VENDING MACHINE: Poetry for Change volume 3” leading the way).


After all the content has been transferred, the website will remain closed to submissions for a short time.  (That’s website submissions, not print submissions, for which there’s currently four open calls posted.)  I have not been able to find an automated submission process for WordPress that works the way I want.  I am currently seeking a separate submission manager system.  I would like something that works similar to the service offered by Submittable, only installed on this server and, y’know, free.  I have found a free script that may be able to do what I need, but only after some massive rewriting.  If anyone has any suggestions for other open-source submission manager scripts (PHP based), please let me know.


Please be aware that randomly e-mailed poems will NOT be considered for publication.  If you wish to submit a poem to one of the open calls, please send it to the proper e-mail address for that anthology.  Poems sent through the “Contact Publisher” form will be discarded.  The website’s new submission system will be up and running as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, real-world matters do get in the way.  Poet’s Haven is a labor of love, not a full-time income source.


Once the website relaunch is complete, I will being scheduling new Author Series chapbook releases.  I apologize for the delay in responding to those who submitted manuscripts during April’s open call.  You’ll be hearing from me soon.