“My Dear ” by Desideria von Schalien

Smiling in caution
Gentle tendrils
Thorns growing on your pale skin
Tearing, clinging, catching

You say we two
Are the same
Twinkle, twinkle
In your eyes

Sharp as the blade
Of your secrets,
Hold you steady
Keep you stuck

Loyalty and compassion
Crowded in that space
Devoted to you
There are etchings
A little box

Your eyes,
busy all around.
Never taking notice
Of all those falling down
Then I whisper a word of caution

That box
It grew in your mind
A world
Just your own

It's fine
Nothing ever gets to be easy
But this is you
In my soul
Stabbing gently
Blood soaking our sheets
of common history

But you never listened,
did you?

My dear,
Time is running out.
Slowly but surely
Growing is the darkness
Looming in the shadows

And on my tongue
I just barely contain the poison
Threatening to spill
Along with my already dripping blood