“She Is…” by Samantha Shipman

As she changes the stations
she changes your view
of the girl that you saw
when you didn't know what to think.

So she leaves you with a forced smile
and nothing more that you can do.
She'll refuse to stay the same
to cover up the fact that she can't change.

Even as she gets with the program
all you can do is fall apart.
What you thought was finally ending
headed back to the start.

Still she continues to hide
putting on yet another disguise.
Pasting on so many different smiles
you can't recall which was your favorite.

She was something so awkward
and something so strange,
that you labeled her "sweet"
then abandoned her after slight hesitation.

Yet you cannot forget her
singing in the front seat.
Clinging to the past
as you bolted for the future.