“Women” by Jackie Roy Bosworth

The rest of my days
May be spent alone
With standards so high
She'd have to walk a straight line
-- That woman to me is unknown –
Does she exist?
Perhaps some day
Chances are slim
I've accepted them
So my logic will lead the way

Zero tolerance
For insubordinate behavior
Because too much slack is what I gave her
I've been pushed beyond
Normal capacity
And have sustained the blows
Of infidelity
So just, what is it that you seek?
When you come asking about me?
I walk with a stone wall
With my guard up, I will never fall
She who can break and take down
All the stones
Will succeed in sharing my ROYal throne

-- So again I say
For the rest of my days
I will continue to roam alone
Until that woman, if ever, becomes known...