“Purple Rain” by Pyerse Dandridge

I thought of you
after some rum and cokes
and I started wishing
I could tell you
I'm sorry.

Shouldn't have said that joke to you.
Honestly I said cause I thought you'd laugh
That's all I ever wanted from you
because I hated seeing dealing with
family deaths
and that painful breakup —god—
even your health problems.
I was trying to give you something
to smile about, even for a second.

That's what friends are for right?
To be there each other
not to take you from your spouse,
family, or other friends, but
pick the other up.
Like I always do.
I don't understand why you didn't see that.

Damn it,
this is suppose to be you,
I'm talking to about junk
and drinking with at this bar.
Really miss those one-liners
and snarly comments
you had about everything.
"It's such a shame our friendship had to end."

This is stupid dude.
You're stubborn,
but you're always indecisive.
I say have a little faith,
take a chance,
and let me guide you to that Purple Rain

NOTE: Contains samples from Prince's "Purple Rain."