“My World” by Jackie Roy Bosworth

When someone gives me a penny for my thoughts
They end up putting their two cents in
Because by then they are actually caught
Deep in the intense, immense conversation
How would you handle my situation?
Better be carrying a big pair of balls
Or you will surely fall
(Too weak to defeat the devastation)
Look at you how
You're lying on the ground
Feeling like a pussy now
(After your castration)
The road I tread is a hard walk with the dead
Full of potholes in the dark
And a smoke-ring as a halo on my head
If you think you can see like me
And you think you can suck up a long journey
Then live in my world and try to endure
A living hell on this wicked/beautiful earth

Maybe, just maybe
If you get lucky
You will eventually
See the wicked world through one eye
And a beautiful life through the other
At the same time
Side-by-side at the nasal line
And that I say is the only way
But why would anybody want to try
To live my life

Want to feel my pain?
How much you think you can take?
I couldn't give it to you
Even if I wanted to
So don't bother because you can't relate
Don't ever speak out against me in a debate
I will verbally leave you trashed
Probably shitting in your pants
Don't get me going because once I get started
Missiles will be flowing in your ears and blowing
Down at the little man getting bombarded
A feeble mind now feeling retarded
-- And before you shit your pants, you farted –

My words will lobotomize
Synthesize a tone
That's set to hypnotize
And place you in a zone
So prepare to set your bones on the grindstone
If you dare to go where I roam
Because in my world you're a long way from home
-- Experience the terror, walk in these shoes alone –

Do battle with a deadly disease
Alone with no wife because she's a cheat
Now you looking like a freak (so you think)
And you don't sound normal whenever you speak
(You only have half a tongue and no fucking teeth!)
You wear a hard scar for all to see
A hook of a mark that will now have to be
Accepted and respected and sported proudly
Expect to get rejected when you're fishing in the sea
Because remember you look like a freak (so you think)
And you don't sound normal whenever you speak

Have you heard enough? Still think you're tough?
I'll stare right through you and call your bluff
See, you'll never have the upper hand
When dealing this hand
Understand little man?
Do yourself a favor
Go savor the flavor of ignorance and bliss
Because nobody wants any of this
Do you prefer the flavor of eating shit and piss?
Didn't think so, so you better go and hurl
And forget you ever stepped into my world
Go back to the land of "love, hugs, and kisses"
Because I'm getting tired of talking
Besides, by now you should really miss it

Stay away from my domain
Or remain terminally insane
Walking around tweaked-out in the brain
Just leave me alone to deal with this shit
But before you split, you have to admit...
...Isn't life a bitch?