“Caroline’s Dream of Reality” by Drew Hoenigke

Caroline that beautiful girl
With a mind ever so lost at night
Ever so keen for Light
Caroline sweats on a
Cold, Dark night,
And that cold, Dark Knight
Will sweep Her away.

And should that beautiful girl
With steely grey Eyes
Wake with a fear
Of malice, Darkness and Death
Then she should wander
About her room
To a realm where She'll
Find that Light she Seeks

In Darkness she wanders.
Wanders to find a beaming source of
Closet of fears,
Open to Her,
That Light is ever so near

The hazy Light of Violet
Is not quite what
She sought.
Yet her curiosity
Compelled Her
To find that beam of Light
In all of that

As She walked in Her weary ways
She became locked inside,
With nowhere to go
But to a vision of
Wondrous meadows;
Is it real or
Just a mirage?
But that curious mind just wanders
Towards that sunlit
Meadow of life

From a field of sun
And grass
To a tunnel of
Bones and Darkness,
That white Light does not
Pierce into the
Tunnels depths
It can only be seen
At the End.

Reaching that Dream-Chaser's portal,
That meadow of the living,
From the realm of the Dead,
Is no easy task for a girl
Of such Naïveté.
She can't begin to comprehend
What pressures must be put upon Her.

Take it step by step.
Learning to walk in a place this
Beautiful is no easy task.
Is she in Heaven? Or
In Eden? Her
Foremost creation.
If so, where are
Adam and Eve?

Is there no one around to share
This with her?
In this land of fruit and fertility,
Life and
Could she be
Had she thought this, she'd be wrong,
But there is always doubt in her mind.
So she searched,
Listening to the ravens as they called.

She calls out to whoever might be there.
She Calls and she calls,
Calling to a
Woman or a Man,
God or Satan.
And that call is answered
By a man who has no name like Her's.
But he does have a name.
His name is The Botanist.
A lost soul bent to roam
The Earth
For Eternity
Even when that brown earth turns to
And the blue skies turn sour and yellow
And the sea turns a deathly
He'll roam that Earth even when Gaia is
That truth-mongering
A man so wicked seeming
No one would want to come near him.
But he is one good man.

Caroline approached the foul-faced man
And asked "Who are you? Can you tell me
Where there might be others?"
But The Botanist could not tell her what she wished
So dearly to hear.
He could only say with a sick grin on his face
"Child. If you could only know the truth."
"What truth," She asked.
"What truth must I know? Are you the only one?
A man so evil looking as you,
The only one in a land so beautiful?
Tell me, where are they all?"
So The Botanist replied "come with me, I shall show you,
I am not the one who is so evil."

The Botanist brought Caroline to his
Humble homestead

In which they entered.
It was Dark inside the home.
The entire one-room home was lit by a single
Dimming candle.
The house smelled of perfumes
And herbs.
And wreaked profusely of smoky herbs and
The home was a refuse for all sorts of
Strange plants and mushrooms,
As well as a storehouse for many magical items.
"I have... a tea... for you..."
The Botanist said slowly.
It was pre-made, but still hot.
"Drink this. You will find
those you wish to see."
Caroline picked up the dusty
Cup and put it to her cold lips.
She drank.

She soon felt a strange
Sensation overcome Her.
She felt dizzy, yet alert,
She felt more alive and perceptive.
"Those things" The Botanist said,
"That you saw outside. The beauty,
The life, the Light.
That was all an Illusion.
The fields, they are really barren rock.
The animals, they are really beasts,
Brought back from hell,
For the land we walk
Is a more fitting place
There is no beauty,
Only evil.
And the people, they are there,
But they are soulless zombies,
Ruled under the gears
Of the Machine-Ruler.
And finally, there is no Light
Only Darkness.
It is one bad land."

Caroline Contemplated this.
She wondered why this Herb-Player
Had decided on changing how she viewed her paradise
And she wondered what it looked like
On the outside.
Did it really change?
Could he really be the bad one?
There is only one way to find out.
She opened the Dark door to find that it was indeed true.
She slammed it shut immediately.
"What is the problem?" Said The Botanist slyly
"Can you not handle the truth?
It's a sad thing to see sometimes.
All of those souls out there,
Wandering the desert land,
Were once like you.
They came across this beautiful land
And paid no mind to the possibility
That it was not real.
They simply Sucked their souls dry as they ventured
Further into the field,
Finding treasures and ambrosia
Yet they drained their souls away
By consuming all of the field's resources.

They were consumed.
Consumed by a man so evil, that once, when that meadow
Was real, his hate brought terror throughout the land.
He consumed the paradise.
He made all he saw his.
Until that one day.
A girl, just like yourself,
With grey eyes like mirrors to their viewer's soul
Was curious.
She wanted to know why there was so much
Yet no one to share it with.
She found me, and drank that same tea you drank
And she found the same land you found.
She sought out the one who wrought all of
This havoc on the land she loved
For so short a time.

Her pure heart led her to a strange
Temple, where she found the

Sacred Suns Sword.
She found that man.
She looked into his eyes,
And he was startled by the demon that he saw.
And she swung the mighty sword into his face,
Gouging out his left eye.
The evil unleashed was so mighty that it killed her,
But he was weakened in power.
He is trapped in demon form,
In a secret hiding place,
Waiting to kill the one who will avenge
That young girl's Death.

The Legend must be fulfilled.
You know what must be done,
I can see it in your heart."
"But how will I know what to do"
Caroline asked.
"You will know," he said,
"You will know."
And with that he vanished.

Caroline was not fazed
By the sight of The Botanist
Instead, She opened that
Dark door,
And entered that world
She feared ever so much.

The Sun was in an everlasting eclipse,
Showering no Light on that
God-forsaken land.
The desert was roamed
By monsters
Spat out from Hell
To a place more
Suitable for them.
And in that desert, roamed
The soulless people.
The ones consumed
By riches and vanity.

So Caroline stepped into that world,
A world she did not know,
To find a way to make that world
What she knew would be
A better place.
She Ventured through that
War-torn desert,
Until she came across a forest of
Twisted, dead trees.
She entered that forest,
For she knew that
What she is looking for
Is in there.

While she walked through the forest,
Small, white Creatures followed her,
The Spirits of a forgotten past.
They were the inhabitants of the forest
When all was lush
And green.
But when that demon,
Trapped inside a man,
Came forth to that beautiful land,
And turned it to waste,
They had nowhere to turn.
Nowhere to turn, but to their old home
Which was in ruin.
So they reside on the forest
Until that one day, when they know
Their salvation is near.

Just when she thought she was lost
In the middle of nowhere,
She came across a cave.
She felt as though she should
Be it just a cave,
Or a mouth
To Hell.

She crossed the threshold of the
Damned cave,
Which she soon found
Was not a cave at all,
But an immense, elaborate
Labyrinth crawling with
Strange creatures with no
She wandered about the maze,
Until she came across the main chamber.
A trembling sensation
Echoed throughout the maze.
And then, a huge, demonic figure
Rose from the ground.
"Who disturbs my slumber
In my eternal hiding place?"
Said the demon as he woke.
Caroline responded, saying
"I did not mean to wake you
I am sorry. May I ask why you are
The demon creature replied,
"Yes, you may

Many years ago
I had roamed the land
Searching for someone to
Like me
But that was one hard task.
I was ugly,
I was fat,
And I smelled of smoke.
I came up to the dwellers of the
And asked if they would be
My friend,
But they all ignored me.
I was left to walk alone.
I was left to be unknown.
But they were unaware
Of the power that was
Bestowed in me.
I could change the world
To be the way I want it.
So I did.
I made factories
To build only what I wanted.
I erected massive cities
To house those
Who used to live in the forest.
And all was going well,
Until the day that the Girl
With the grey Eyes
That reflected every soul she saw
Came to my place of dwelling.
She looked me in the eyes,
And I saw an evil demon,
Yet it was lonely,
So I did not wish to change.
And then, without warning,
She swung a massive bright sword
Into my face, gouging out my left Eye.
I screamed, and soon I found that
Fat man falling apart and
A great demon rise from the shell.
The girl disappeared.
She disappeared into
The Light, and I was shrouded in Darkness,
Forever weakened by that blow
To my Eye.
Now I must hide in this cave,
Waiting for the girl's incarnation
To come greet me
With those same grey eyes
And show me who I truly am again."

He smiled at her, his
Sharp, yellow, bloody teeth
Gleaming in the Dark.
She knew who this was.
And so she ran.
She ran through the maze
Until she was sure she
Had lost the main chamber.
She found an opening in the maze
That led outward to a

What desert is this?
A desert made of rock.
A desert so absent of life
And light,
Only brown skies fill the air
With any colour,
If not that, then only grey clouds
And black of night,
Will dominate those skies
And Caroline ventures
Out through that desert
Until she sees a tower
Against the sky.
A gleaming green and black
Monolith that looms
Over all.
Just when she thinks she is
Closing in
On any sort of beauty,
Some sort of monstrosity
Is in her way.
It is the factories and projects
Of a vast city
Disgusting beyond compare.

Caroline enters this
Ugly city.
She ventures into its
Reeking borders
Searching for civilians;
But she is all alone.
Nobody to care for her existence.
No body to even know
She's there.
She sat down on the curb
And look over at the sordid street,
And began to cry.

And soon her tears flowed
As a river would
And the curb turned into a river-bank
And from the bank
Came forth grasses and
And soon after, Animals emerged.
The city was erupting
With Life,
But this was about to change.

The residents of the city came out of
Their homes and factories
And walked to the newly
Created Life.
They took their axes and their chainsaws
And they tore the trees down.
The tore out the grasses,
And they slaughtered the animals.
After they were done, they crept away
As slowly as when they arrived,
Dragging their feet as they
One of the zombies looked
Into Caroline's Eyes.
It noticed right away that she
Was something special.
"Save... us..." it said and then continued on
To its destination.

Caroline walked away through the city.
She saw the factories belching
Brown and black smoke
Into the dying desert's air.
When she reached the other side
Of the city, she came across a
Sweet smelling smoke.
She walked along
Until she found the source
Of that smoke.
It was a giant lizard
Smoking a hookah,
Surrounded by snakes
Made of smoke.
She approached the lizard
And asked if he knew where
There was a temple
Hidden in sand.

"Ah, yes," said the lizard,
"Gaia's Temple. That is the home of
The sacred Sun's Sword."
He took another long drag
And held it.
Caroline said,
"I was wondering if you could tell
Me the way there."
The lizard laughed
And said, "Child, you know the way there,
Just follow the path that only you can see.
It will reflect the colour of your Eyes.
But you will need a key to enter."

"Where do I find this key?" Caroline asked.
The lizard took another long drag from
The hookah and exhaled
In the shape of a key.
The key was strange, for it was made of smoke
And had four separate keys attached to one end.
"Go ahead," the lizard said, "take it. You can
Touch it."
Caroline reached out slowly and grabbed
The key. It felt heavy
In her hands, though it was virtually weightless.
"You know what you must do." Said the lizard,
And with that, the smoke-snakes turned to the lizard
And spit a black venom
On him, causing him to dissolve
And leave only bone behind.

Caroline looked around for a path,
And soon found three,
All looking like the iris of an Eye.
She chose the grey one and walked.
She soon came across a huge temple with
Guards surrounding it.
She lifted up her hand and
Showed them the key,
Knowing that they would let her by.
And they did.
She unlocked the door, and
She crossed quietly into the realm of the vast

And there, on the altar, she saw the sword.
She ran up to the sword of the Sun.
It gleamed in the Dark, though there was little Light
To be found.
She picked it up,
And felt a surge of energy
Rush through Her body.
The Sword was like no other,
With a hilt of carved gold,
And a giant blade of diamond.
She took the sword, and ran outside.

The sky was black.
The only Light came from the Sword
And the flashes of lightning.
The Demon of the cave had arrived,
Along with a Demon Dog.
"So you are the incarnation..."
Said that wretch from Hell,
"Have you come to fight me? Well then you must
Prove your abilities, first..."
He laughed and let loose the Hell-Hound.
The dog was a massive beast, but Caroline
Could feel the power inside of her
She tightly grasped the hilt of the Sword
Right as the dog leap, and swung at its skull.

The sword was heavy, but it followed through,
And she found that it had knocked the beast away.
A blast of Light shone though the night,
And the dog ran behind a rock for cover.
When she realized she could make Light come out
Of the sword, she started to make her attack final.
She concentrated as hard as she could and the Sword
Lit up. She swung at the dog's neck and cut off its head.
Black blood came pouring out and the dog fell limp.
Fire came burning from its body and soon it was nothing
But ashes.

"So, you are able to fight. But can you fight me?"
Said the demon. He formed a fireball and sent it flying at Caroline.
She was unprepared, and was hit, causing herself to be
She quickly extinguished the flames, and found herself
Slashing at the Demon with all of her might.
The Light made him weak, but he could still attack.
He sent a blast of energy at her, which she reflected with her sword.
Then, Caroline lifted the Sun's Sword over her head
And summoned all of the Light she could
From her soul, and
With two hands, flung it with perfect aim
Directly into the Demon's only remaining eye.

There was and explosion of Light energy and Dark energy.
The Demon fell to the ground and writhed it pain.
Caroline Pulled out the sword while the Light was still there
And swung it in an arc, cutting off the monster's head.
The demon exploded.
Who could not handle this sort of
Energy release, collapsed
And died.

She found herself
In a land of Light and
And the only ones
That are not her
Are those three
That know our every move.
And then Caroline said to them
"Why did you take me?
I was not through
with the life I barely

And Clotho said,
"It's not just one life that matters,
It's all of them."
Lachesis said,
"Child, do not fear. You may no longer
Be able to see that world in person,
But you can see it here."
She pointed to a faded sphere
In which she could see
The world she was just in.
The land was lush and
Fruitful again.
Trees and mushrooms
And animals
Dominated the land.
And the people
Smiled again.
"See" said Atropos,
"Your life was not in vain."
And with that she cut her string.

Caroline woke up with a jolt.
Her room was warm and
The Light was peeking through
Her windows.
She looked out that
Foggy window to see
The trees blowing in
The Breeze.
The Sun was out.
She could see the downtown
Behind the trees.
Caroline stepped outside
And closed her eyes
As she felt the dew on her feet.
The grass was cool,
The air was warm and humid,
It was paradise again.