“Drunk on Monday” by Ana Blue

Hollow humanity too hollow to hate
Vacant eyes and a dollar sign to fill that void
There can't be love in a capitalist state
The irate debate of love and money

Just rip your heart out
Give it to me honey
It's your life
But mine for the taking

Shameless and saddened
Let me have you
I'll make you gag
On every slovenly sweet word you've tried to feed me
'Cause it's your turn to be used
And I won't stop

There's no use to care
All we face is despair
Rotting rancid lives
And no time machine for wasted moments

There is no certainty in love
But money is concrete
And in a capitalist society it's all you need
Disregard love 'cause it's all a nasty dream

That's why I sit here drunk on Monday
Thinking and knowing that I've been torn apart and used
Realizing it's my turn to clean out the space
Create an empty void and take your life to erase
All the suffering I've endured
It's your turn baby and I want more