“Expectations” by Whyte Panther

I've played this night
Over in my head a million times
That first glance into your eyes
Taking your hand in mine and kissing it gently
Putting my arms around you
As time rushes by us at incredible speed
Lost for an eternity in your embrace

The music is now queued up
The lights are almost right
In nervous anticipation
I open my heart
A small twinge of anxiety grips me
How, oh how will this night
Ever live up to my expectations

One by one
I reveal my innermost thoughts
One by one
I reopen the scars of past pain
One by one
Your touch heals them all
Your magic makes all I do pale by comparison

I take you in my arms once more
We begin to sway to the music
I am helpless in your arms
I let myself go
My defenses gone
I feel so fragile
And yet so safe

A shadow passes over me
From somewhere unseen
Out of the night it comes
Grasping me at the very core
Like an icy cold wind
It sends a chill up my spine
In a moment of weakness
Unable to protect myself
It posesses me

A deep unnerving fear
Something beyond my control
I am almost paralyzed
By a simple thought
A dark question
An impossible, unthinkable possibility
Can it be
Is this all a delusion
Are you really mine
Has someone else stolen your heart from me

I lose my place
My sense of rhythm flees
I can barely stand
My knees faulter
Somehow I must regain my composure
I can't let you see the fear in my eyes
I can't let you sense this pain in my heart
All will be lost

I can see in your eyes
That it is too late already
You know me too well
I cannot hide from you
You, the one who has touched my soul
Like no other ever has
Like no other ever will
Like no other ever can

Like a house of cards
All of my expectations of this night
Fall to the ground
I frantically scramble to pick them up
Utter futility
Sheer, utter futility

I look to you for consolation
I stop myself
Once again I forget myself
My apologetic eyes
Search the darkness for yours
My heart trembling within my chest
Struggling to keep beating

I hold you close and surrender
I try to rebuild this mental creation of mine
A perfect night
I laugh inside... just a little


As always
Trying so hard
In desperation
To create what has always existed

When I'm with you
No matter the time
No matter the place
One thing holds true
You fill my soul with happiness
This dream of perfection
I send back whence it came
Back to the land of dreams
To save for a time when I can't be with you

We are in love
How can I possibly expect
More than that
You have graced my life
With a wonder and a splendor
I never thought possible

To love you
To touch you
To have you in my life
These and these alone
Are my expectations

My hopes
Are simply these
That you'll allow me these simple pleasures
And to be able to make every day
Every single day
Special for you

My dear sweet angel
Take me now into your arms
Open your angel heart to mine
And let us begin anew
This grand voyage
That we have only just begun

Take my hand
Look into my eyes
Let us take this first new step together
With love all is possible
And I do
Love you so
Come with me
Let's see what wonders
Tomorrow will bring