“Cruel Truth” by Zweni

So I lose myself in the city streets
As I'm kidnapped by Inquisitiveness and curiosity.
Eyes recognize what the ears know,
Feet tread on street children's concrete beds.
They flood tarmac hour after sour hour, bare-soled,
Beggin' tycoons who respond from a distance
By hurriedly and ignorantly elevatin' electric windows.
Behind comes the ordinary man
Who opens his not-so-electric window of his heart,
And out comes a creased lunch bag where resides
A slice of crust and infinite crumbs of care.

Downtown, the bitter side, seems better
And bares a fancy face of deception
Whilst bloody internally and full of screams
That amplify when darkness arrives.
Happy and sad, creatin' waves of confusion
In the air full of chemistry-reactions,
A nature man's worst nightmare,
A factory tycoon's globe-warming share
Who gives the shelter cotton and woolen care
Only to dress his ego in the process.

So now the ordinary man rests,
The nocturnal demons and apprentices work.
Time to escape the streets and their temptation.
Time to shed tears for pain-receptive hearts.