“Senseless Destruction of a Beautiful Mind” by Michael Tarter

It all starts lovely
endless conversations relating to
bullshit ideas
constant comforts where
comfort is desired

It's called love
because you want it to be
both people need it to be
something you can feel
touch, hold, breathe in

Remind you what life is
yet life is fleeting
similar to love
what was pure becomes
ugly, undesirable and tainted

Jealousy, fear and longing
replace loving, joy and trust
Her eyes once provided comfort
Now a subtle glow of a TV screen
are all you have

So the thoughts come
a cowards way out
a sip of poison or
slice of flesh all
with a final result

time stops
you look for words to say
none come
your mind has been destroyed
by life or love

Paint your picture in
the silhouette of the moon
forget about life
it's always just love
love is death