VENDING MACHINE: Poetry for Change volume 3


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
–Mahatama Gandhi

“Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.”
–Robert C. Gallagher


VENDING MACHINE: Poetry for Change volume 3 features:

Lynne Albert – “Robert”
Eric V. Blanchard – “Peter Pan Must Die”
Dianne Borsenik – “Changels”
Steve Brightman – “Absent The”
C.M. Brooks – “Faces of Change”
Skylark Bruce – “Plastic Angels”
Satyn Bulchandani – “Think Not for This Tree”
Shelley Chernin – “Black and White Spot”
Diane Vogel Ferri – “Umoja”
T.M. Göttl – “Released by the Greenery”
Clarissa Jakobsons – “Musée Picasso”
Azriel Johnson – “Be the Change You Wish to See”
Courtney Keirn – “Fear Demons”
Lori Ann Kusterbeck – “One Drop”
Geoffrey A. Landis – “Five Haiku”
Chris Lawrence – “We Are Fallen”
Marc Mannheimer – “The Silver Mean”
Matt McGee – “The Change You Desire”
William Merricle – “Our Life Is Our Message”
Jen Pezzo – “After Reading ‘The Egg'”
Terry Provost – “Before the Thought”
Tina Puckett – “Disabled Children’s Wishes”
Andrew Rihn – “No More Heroes”
Alexis-Rueal – “To Be Peace”
Dan Smith – “It’s Against the Rules”
Lady K (Kathy Smith) – “WAY, HOW, WHAT”
Steven B. Smith – “Spare Change”
B.M. Stroud – “Cosmic Womb”
Carla Thompson – “So I Guess This Is a Love Poem Too”
Mary A. Turzillo – “Birth Mother”
Eva Xanthopoulos – “Starseeds”
Zach – “Be”


with a cover by Rebekah Moss