The Poet’s Haven Digest Issue Zero

6a8484c51f42The Poet’s Haven Digest Issue Zero

The first print publication from The Poet’s Haven is now available as a free eBook download!


“I Search…” by Jamie Snook
“What You’re Too Good At” by Triple Sweet
“Liar” by Marianne J.
“MAD” by Kim Davis
“Crying In Silence” by Bleeding Angel
“Silence” by Jen Pezzo
“Dependent” by Elizabeth Hendricks
“Risk” by Todd-Michael St. Pierre
“Puppet” by Xen0
untitled by Karen Marie Kogler
untitled by Elizabeth Hendricks
“In My Dreams” by Singed Angel
“The Feeling of Love” by Greg Campbell
“Living for the Present” by Kim Davis
“Paranoias That Lead to Solitude” by Artful Pose
“I Will Fall as Winter Rain” by Warren Gillespie
“You Are” by Jamie Snook
“What You Are to Me” by Jeffrey Reeves
“Today I Fell in Love” by Jeffrey Reeves
untitled by Alex Lupa
“To the Moon” by Gary Brooks
“There on the Beach” by Ted Aronis


“The Silent Lieutenant” by Elisha Porat


“Surprising a Loreleii” by Noel Bebee
untitled by Terri A. Hateley