“Pit Fear” by Rene F. Cardenas

Everything is a doomed abstraction in general.
What saves us is a fear
of united personal, especially

those in a state of anxiety.
The military operation of this concern

amd foreign places
goes on among those with
a disposition to disquiet.

Those with houses of psychological state exhibit
intense terrorized attempts. At some quantity

in their reverberations
existence will be unprotected;
to a body there will be inanimate

or targeted secretion, dried-up formations,
events of emotion, dense eupnoeic

and true trouble sleeping. Frankly,
I have a great deal
to advocate, to trade out of anything intimate.

At the slim cerebration of imaginary beings, and
because of their worry,

necrophobics tend to mind, to avoid
any kind of status; whenever they can, they
add up into junctions with stimuli of death.

This can make an obscene,
long line of descent ceremonials.