Big Announcements, Re: Live Events in 2013

A number of important announcements were made at last night’s First Friday Poetry Spectacular:

  • While the Coffee Phix Cafe (and Phoenix Coffee before that) has been a wonderful place for our Saturday Night With The Poet’s Haven shows, December 15th’s event will be the last.  I am consolidating The Poet’s Haven’s operations, and will be focusing on our Canton shows, which are closer to my home.  This isn’t the end of poetry at the Coffee Phix, however, as several other poetry promoters are looking at doing shows there and we do still plan to have one or two Lake Effect Poetry events there this year.
  • The First Friday Poetry Spectacular will be leaving the downtown Canton arts district.  Beginning January 4th, the show will take place at Karma Cafe (4339 Dressler Road NW Canton, OH).  While this unfortunately means the show will no longer be part of the Canton First Friday festival, it does give the show a home at the same location each month.
  • Last night’s First Friday Poetry Spectacular will be the final show with poetry slam prize money provided by Arts in Stark.  Thank you to Arts in Stark, Robb Hankins, Tricia Ostertag, and former AiS staffers Sarah Shumaker and Marci Saling for all their help and support keeping this series going for the three years that The Poet’s Haven has operated it, as well as the three years prior to that when the show was managed by Carla Thompson and Jacob King.
  • We are seeking sponsors for the poetry slam!  Any local business that would be interested in sponsoring the slam, please contact me.  Slam prize sponsorship can be something so simple as a $25 gift card for your business.
  • Lake Effect Poetry’s Women of the World Poetry Slam final will be held at January 4th’s First Friday Poetry Spectacular at Karma Cafe.  This show will also be Lake Effect’s first NPS team qualifier.  As we normally do, the open-mic will be held first.  Then we will have the open slam, which will be both LEP’s NPS qualifier AND the WOWPS last-chance-qualifier.  Points will be awarded to all participants in the slam for LEP’s NPS team rankings.  The top scoring female poet in the slam who is not already qualified will also win entry into Lake Effect’s WOWPS final.  The WOWPS final will take place at the end of the show.  It will be three rounds.  Women who will be competing in both slams should have at least four poems prepared, as a no-repeat rule will be in effect.  (Depending on the size of our non-competing audience, we may have some of the same judges for both slams.)
  • The Stardust Poetry show will be moving to the third Friday of the month, starting January 18th.  This places both of Canton’s big poetry events in the same venue and on the same night of the week, every other week (with a stray fifth-week thrown in every quarter or so).  (This schedule also leaves second Fridays free for the Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour and fourth Fridays free for the Root-N-Slam series.)
  •  As previously announced, The Poet’s Haven will be abandoning the strict bi-monthly publishing schedule we’ve worked under for the past two years, and will instead simply work from a publishing queue.  Book releases may take place at the First Friday Poetry Spectacular, at Stardust Poetry, or at any of the many other poetry shows that take place here in north-east Ohio.
  •  Podcast releases will resume whenever I have time to get another batch done.  Sorry, folks, I had every intention of releasing new shows every other week for the rest of the year, but there’s this annoying thing called “real life” that got in my way.  Consider the twelve Poet’s Haven presents… shows released earlier this year to be “Season One.”  “Season Two” is in the works.
  • With the Saturday Night With The Poet’s Haven shows retiring, we will now be recording the features at Stardust Poetry for eventual podcasting.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something that needed to be announced.  😛

Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has supported this year’s Poetic Provisions food-drive!  While the collection weight isn’t in yet (we will still be collecting donations at December 14th’s Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour and December 15th’s Saturday Night With The Poet’s Haven), we’ve far surpassed last year’s total.