“The Cleansing” by Claudia Anne Krizay

As I lay to rest, voices reverberate.
As I close my eyes, I see none but ashes,
As the sun laughs,hiding its countenance
Behind a wall of disbelief.
For the first time in nearly a decade,
Stars appear before my eyes, transform to tears,
And the sky turns to a shade of purple-mauve.
Tears cascade down my flushed cheeks.
With an air of innocence, I weep,
Cleansing my soul of sacrilege,
As I have had many moments of mistrust.
When voices speak to me,
Unheard or not fathomed by others,
Who dwell outside of my heart and mind,
All I can do is to gaze into the distant future,
And search for a lone silver-winged seagull,
A sign of tranquility,
Flying and laughing with the sun.
Voices sound, and then reverberate once more.
This time,they are both peaceful and innocuous.
I close my eyes and lay to rest.
As I doze, the voices softly lull me to sleep.
That wall of disbelief is shattered,
As ashes are turned to dreams.