World Cat Day, 2013 Bundle Offer

So, apparently, somebody somewhere declared today World Cat Day.  Tabitha would’ve disagreed, she would’ve said every day was Cat Day, then she would have demanded cheese from the refrigerator.  None the less, you can celebrate World Cat Day by picking up a copy of “The Poet’s Haven Digest: On Velvet Feet.”  This anthology features poetry, stories, and other creations about cats, starring cats, and possibly written by cats!  It includes work from Kristina England, Joshua Gage, Janet Garber, Alex Gildzen, Clarissa Jakobsons, Paul Kahle, Thomas Koron, Lori Ann Kusterbeck, Geoffrey A. Landis, Marc Mannheimer, Michael Gillan Maxwell, Rachel M. Newlon, Angela Nichols, Jen Pezzo, Tina Puckett, Lady Kathy Smith, Kevin Frederick Smith, Steven B. Smith, J.E. Stanley, Hannah Stevenson, Melissa Studdard, Mary A. Turzillo, and Vertigo Xi’an Xavier.

Or, if you’re behind on picking up Poet’s Haven books this year, you can now pick up the first eight books published in 2013 for a special reduced price with FREE SHIPPING!  This gets you the “On Velvet Feet” anthology, “Letter to 20” by Alexis-Rueal, “Like Michelangelo Sorta Said” by Steve Brightman, “Back\words & For/words” by Lori Ann Kusterbeck, “Inside the Walls of a Blackened Book” by A.J. Huffman, “Inhuman: Haiku from the Zombie Apocalypse” by Joshua Gage, “Universe Gone Dancing: A Manic Cosmology” by Mark S. Kuhar (with art by Sven Geier), and “It Takes More Than Chance to Make Change” by John Burroughs for only $42.00!  That’s like getting one book for free!