“At the Future Bakery” by Murray Margel

Anarchist arse
street-kid's pan
bourgeois computers and S.U.V.'s
three things which attract, yet terrify me.
       --and here I sit , drinking strawberry-mango tea.

Tumult of the inner-city night
stressed-out people, looking for a fight.
can't get it, so their remarks are snide
I run back home; a coward, and hide.

But "Tomorrow is another day"
(as the old saying is said)
and I will come out to play.
At seven-feet tall  -- "Get out of my way!"
                    --That's what I'll say
                    --That's what I'll say

I'll wear steel-toed leather army boots
and khaki camoflage pants and shirt
I'll pack a Sikh knife by my side
--"Tomorrow is another day"
                         I have nothing to lose
                                     "Get outta my way!"

Electric vessels of liquid light pouring down into darkened, crowded streets of night.
Claustrophobic mobs looking for a snack
get instead Consumer Rap
--Sexist cock and crack

I wish I may, I wish I might
fix or flee this tenement maze blight.
Oh, it's there; I do not exaggerate
I feel less Love:
I feel more Hate.
         --Sinking down from high-rise condos
            Rising up from sewer-grate.

Yes, you may say that I'm paranoid
but then as you glanced at me
it was you that looked quite annoyed.     -sitting at the Future Bakery
                                              drinking strawberry-mango tea