What Y’all Missed!

You know, not everything that goes on at a live Poet’s Haven open-mic event gets to go in the podcast…

Last night’s open-mic included an amazing reading by T.M. Göttl, an amazing performance by Mike and Abe of Split Pea/ce, and amazing readings by La Princesse de L’amour, Elizabeth Hendricks, and Mello (a poet featured in episode four, except I fucked up his name; I’ll post about that soon enough).  But that wasn’t all.  We were also treated to a surprise concert by John Anderson!  In addition to some of his original songs, he also performed several covers/reinterpretations.  It was a spectacular performance that, sadly, won’t all be in the podcast!  You had to have been there!

And you also missed out on me DeeJaying before and after the poetry!  (Well, after was only until the slick DJ VEL arrived and took over.)

A huge THANK YOU to all last night’s performers and to Amanda and Ninja Joe for being the street team, handing out fliers at the Lake Anna Arts Festival.

Our next open-mic events will be August 23 at the Phoenix Café in South Euclid, OH, and September 6 at Scribbles Café in Kent, OH.  I’m also working on booking an event in Cleveland on September 20, as well as more open-mics in October, November and December.

As for the podcast, I’m taking a couple days to catch up on some house-work.  My randomly scattered work areas are all being collected together into one nice office area.  No more running between three rooms to go between my primary system, audio system, and hardware workbench.  I’ll start putting the next episode together Tuesday or Wednesday, and should still have it ready for downloading by the end of next weekend.  (Okay, I may also be slightly delayed by the new Batman movie, and I’d like to maybe go to the regular monthly poetry night at Lake Anna After Dark on Saturday…)

Y’all’ll be hearing from me soon!