Scribbles Open-Mic Results…

It was a pretty good night at Scribbles Café in Kent.

Dakota Kincer played some tunes, not all of which will be in the podcast.  (“Myself and I” was previously featured in the podcast, and his cover of Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So” cannot be used due to licensing restrictions.  This is why you gotta be there!)

A handful of talented poets read, including a pretty amazing NINE year old girl!  While I have knowingly published writers as young as 11 on, young Miss Campbell Budzar is certainly the youngest poet to have read original work for the podcast.

Just a side note: This is why, despite the number of venues The Poet’s Haven is scheduling “yellow” unmoderated events with (as well as a few adults-only “red” shows), we will still have “green” moderated events from time to time.  I’ve always taken pride in The Poet’s Haven’s openness to young poets who are just getting started in “the scene.”  The “green” shows not only allow poets with families to perform in front of their kids, they also allow the youngest writers a chance to share their work.

It will be a few weeks before any of tonight’s (or last night’s, depending on how you interpret the clock) material will be featured in the podcast.  The next two weeks will see more material from the August 23 Phoenix show, including John “Jesus Crisis” Burroughs, Parker Amsel, Robin Crawford, and more.

Plenty more shows are in the works.  I’ve got something cooking for mid-October that I’ll be announcing as soon as the details are worked out.  November 1st will be the special Halloween event at Muggswigz in Canton, OH.  Something else may be happening later in November, as well.  December 6, we will return to the Phoenix in South Euclid for the first of three open-mics booked there, the others coming up in February and May.  Several other gigs are being lined up for the first half of 2009 that I cannot yet reveal.

Stay tuned, space cowboys!