“Hurting You Back” by Krystal G.

I swallow hard when I see what I've done.
You meant so much to me. You were the one.
So now I look back at what I wrecked,
And I know I'm not the only one I affect.
You hurt me so much, but I hurt you back.
I thought I was stronger and better than that.
I let you destroy me when I let down my guard.
I let you shatter my spirits. I let me be scarred.
I say it's your fault I'm hurting and feeling this pain,
But deep down I know that I did the same.
My judgment was clouded by vengeance and pride,
And I ran to pain's refuge where I knew I could hide.
I told myself that it was only fair
That you felt my pain and knew my despair.
I used logic to convince me that you caused all this,
That it wasn't my fault, and you'd never be missed.
But lies won't help me to get over you,
So now there's nothing left I can do
But tell you I'm sorry and hope you'll forgive,
So we can move on and once again live.