Last Night’s Poet’s Haven Open-Mic in Akron :-)

We had a great turnout tonight!  I’d like to thank Dianne Borsenik, Christopher Franke, T.M. Göttl, Sarah Lambert, and Jen Pezzo  for coming out and reading tonight, and a huge THANK YOU to Geoffrey Landis and Mary Turzillo for being tonight’s featured authors.

The wonder of modern technology also allowed Katherine Zaleski to read at the open-mic, while she was in Philadelphia, PA.  This wasn’t something I planned, but during the night’s readings the idea of a “long-distance open-mic,” a poet reading over the phone to the live audience, clicked in my mind. I might try this again in the future.  Thanks, Kathy!!!

The next Poet’s Haven open-mic event is coming right up on November 1, at Muggswigz in Canton.  This one’s a Halloween event.  A camera will be rolling to capture any poets who come in costume for a special video edition of the podcast.

I’m looking forward to getting started on the podcasts from tonight’s show… just as soon as I get a few hours sleep. 🙂  The first episode including tonight’s readings should be online by Monday, November 3.

Thank you.


Vertigo Xi’an Xavier
publisher, The Poet’s Haven