Bad weather, but still a great show!

Tonight, I find myself wishing I’d used the “idiots who don’t know how to drive” intro to the new podcast.  It would’ve been appropriate.  But despite icy roads, we still had an excellent Saturday Night With The Poet’s Haven event at the Phoenix in South Euclid!

I had a rough start to the night.  Dominica Sanchez had to cancel her appearance due to the flu.  A number of things had me leaving the house two hours later than I’d wanted to.  The weather wasn’t very helpful, either.  I arrived at the café a little bit after 7:00 and went to work setting up. The good news is, the more shows I’ve done, the faster I’ve gotten at setting up and tearing down. LOL. While a number of people that we’d hoped would be there were not able to make it, we did have a decent turn-out, including one poet from Michigan, three poets who had not yet read for the podcast, and three more friends and dare I say “regular contributors.”  I also threw in my short comedy routine (though I haven’t decided whether or not to include it in a podcast).  We’ll be back at the Phoenix on Valentine’s Day.  For now I get a few weeks to catch up on my rest, maybe get some more T-shirts screen printed, and get down to business scheduling shows and featured poets for 2009. 😀