STREET TEAM NEEDED for July 2 (Literally!)

Attention all Canton First Friday Poetry people!  We need to assemble a street team for July’s event.  Literally.  See, July’s First Friday theme is “Chalk the Walk,” and I’ve gotten the okay to have a team of poets write haiku and short poems on the walkways of downtown Canton.

Some rules will apply.  Everything’s got to be all-ages appropriate, and certain areas will be off-limits.  (They’ll be marked off with tape, areas for artists to do their sidewalk art.)  Original material will be welcome as well as pieces from poets of all eras.

Let me know if you want to join the team!

Final plans will be announced once I know how many people are on board.  I would like everyone meet beforehand with lists of poems and haiku that they plan to use, so we can make sure nobody duplicates any of the pieces.  We can also coordinate things on the map, assign certain areas to each poet so that we can be sure to cover the entire arts district.  Chalk will be provided.

This is in part inspired by my friend Christina Brooks, who recently began chalking poetry on the sidewalk in front of her home near Detroit.  🙂

Anyone that wants to join in is welcome to do so, just contact me so we can coordinate everything.  Also, if you are unable to take part in the actual chalking, we could still use help gathering up short poems for this project.