“Between My Fingers” by Whyte Panther

Between my fingers
A small
Almost imperceptible
Part of a parting kiss.
A sad ending
To a bittersweet time,
A short time,
Spent beside you.

A frantic day...
Everywhere I turned
When turning to you.

For so many things...
For patience...
For understanding...
For tolerance of the intolerable.

I delude myself
Just a bit.
The extra time
You spend
Drying your hair...
The small touch
Of lipstick...
Of eyeliner...
Seemingly unnoticed...
So unnecessary
And yet
So appreciated.
Not for their application
But for the small
Of the illusion
That they may have been done
For me

Contrary to how it may seem,
I am not a man of many words.
In fact I have often been
Criticized for my silence.

And yet...

You work your magic on me.
The words flowing from my
Fingertips between which
The almost imperceptible
Will rest with me tonight...
As I sleep...
And dream of whence it came...
And when I can return there