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So, I’m on Facebook today, and under their “People You May Know” thing on the side of the page, I see a picture of a hot chick wearing very skimpy attire.  Being your A-typical hetero male, I click her name to see a larger photo.  Under said larger photo, Facebook asks me if I’d like to poke her.  You can’t tell me that’s not a sexual innuendo.


If you’re not supposed to eat the brownie first, why do you have to take it out of the TV dinner tray half-way through cooking the rest of the meal?


There’s been problems with the website going down on a regular basis.  Regular as in every freaking night, around about the same time.  HTML pages will still load, but anything that uses the SQL databases (like, say, the galleries) cannot be viewed.  There is nothing on Poet’s Haven that would be causing this, which leads me to believe that something else on the shared server I rent from is causing it to go down.
 For this reason, I have decided to migrate servers once again.

This move should be quick and easy.  When it starts, I will close the site to submissions.  If you do not see the submission link as you browse the gallery, this is why.  When the move is complete, the site on the new server will be open to submissions.  This way, no submissions are lost in the transition.

This also gives me the opportunity to make some behind-the-scenes changes to how things are set up.  I’ve been wanting to shut down some other sites I no longer have need for, and this will allow me to make Poet’s Haven the primary site on my account instead of dependent to a site I no longer use.