“A Midnight Stroll” by Whyte Panther

The midnight hour approaches
I prepare my team for the expedition
Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart,
Pachelbel, Bach, Faure,
Debussy, Grieg, all accounted for
All the company I will need
For this midnight stroll

I protect myself
From the distractions
That the sounds of the night
Seem to stir
With my headset firmly in place
I step out into the night

Spotlight after spotlight
Triggered by suburban motion sensors
Follow me as I round the block
The night air is very still
The music starts to play

I round the corner
Heading for a small inlet
At the end of the block
The water sitting still as glass
Beneath the footbridge

A swan swims by
Silently, almost stealthily
No trace of her movement in the water
She stops to acknowledge me
And then like a ghost
She is gone

I stare down into the water
Where she just sat
A reflection of a streetlight
Almost passes for the moon
But there is no moon
There are no stars
Just a cold gray sky

I walk a little further
Rounding another corner
Towards a field along the water
As I approach
I see what seems like
A million dandelions
Standing in the field, like soldiers
Their white puffy heads
Holders of a million wishes
Gazing skywards as if searching
Searching for the moon and stars

Their search will be fruitless
They could not possibly know
For I have wished them away
In a fit of jealous passion
I have hidden them
So that no other may share them with you

One by one
My team starts to fall
As the golden disc spins 'round
Soothing my troubled soul
With the gentle creations
Of these great masters of music

I stop and close my eyes
As Debussy's "Claire De Lune"
Paints the moon into my mind
The moon I have so foolishly taken from the sky

As I open my eyes
One of the wounded soldiers
Pops his weary head out from beneath a fence
I pluck him from the ground
I kiss him gently on the head
Breathing in deeply, I make my wish
I blow it out into the night air

Were I only the master of time and space
That I sometimes claim to be
If only I could have you here
If only I could feel your presence
If only I could see your angelic smile
If only I could caress your face
If only...

Chopin returns to my side
Awakening me to the sad fact
That I must now return

I take one last look
Into the moonless, starless sky
I reach out my arms
Extending them out to you
Over time and space

In silence does
My midnight stroll
Come to a close

I wait
And just...
A little saddened
For your return