Galleries Closed to Submissions During Server Move

While the big changes I’d hope to complete in time for the server move are not complete, the move has to happen now.  (Otherwise, I have to pay for another year at the old server, which I’d really rather not have to do.)  The galleries will be closed to submissions while the move is completed.  The galleries will be open to submissions on the new server, however it may take up to 48 hours for everyone’s ISPs to update their DNS info.  If you wish to submit work to the galleries and are not able to do so, please come back in a day or two.

(If I don’t close the galleries on the old server and that’s the version of the site you are seeing, your submissions will be lost.  This way, no submissions get lost during the transition from the old server to the new.)

Good things are in store at the new server.  I am promised unlimited (within reason) bandwidth, and as such will be able to do things like hour-long podcast episodes (instead of half-hour episodes) and the upcoming ebook releases without worrying about data transfer limits.  I am also continuing to work on upgrades to the galleries, but what I am trying to do there has proven to be a major undertaking somewhat beyond my self-taught PHP programming skills.  It’ll get done someday, I just have to figure out how to get certain functions to work the way I want.