“Civilization” by Chuck Michael Ostan

We've traversed the centuries from ancient caves
and with earth's secrets built a new age
Traded human servants for mechanical ones
With Iron we ruled, with wheel we ran
the gamut of progress in the new evolution...

A lawnmower booms the mornings rest
Jet streaks bruise the skies overhead
Dream cars zoom along the ground
A TV blares, tires squeal
in suburban heaven

Stress, the 21st Century ill
Information overload, mental thrill?
Man separated from natures peace
For fortune or fame, the relentless quest -
What has been gained in the race for success...

Mother nature in distress
Her treasures ravaged without conscience
In rebellion she levels her terrible wrath
Hurricanes twist, earthquakes crack -
The balance upset, the lady attacks

Emotionless circuitry rules the last phase
From an armchair we travel the computer age
The servants we've made have the masters become
A number for money, a number for man
A number for everything under the sun

Planetary conquest, race for the stars
Lunar outpost, an outpost on mars
For future exodus from our battered globe
Extinction for man or final attempt
To trample and invade again in the name of...