Bad Stuff, Good Stuff…

If you’re not connected to me on Facebook, you might not have heard… This past Friday, I was in an auto accident. I am okay, my only injuries were the ones caused by the airbags. (When will they finally give us a way to turn those blasted things off?) My laptop’s screen was damaged, but it is still under the warranty plan. My car, however, did not survive the impact. I do have full coverage insurance, but as my car was 12 years old I am not expecting a very large payment from them to go towards getting a new set of wheels.

So, I need to generate some cash, and fast. No, I don’t want donations, I don’t believe in money-for-nothing. What I do want is to sell some chapbooks!

For a limited time, The Poet’s Haven is offering all six chapbooks published in 2011 for the low price of $25.00 with FREE SHIPPING in the USA! That’s like getting one of the books for free!

Please pass this offer on to all your poetry-inclined friends, associates, and cohorts!